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1. Use the Coupon Code provided by your manager. 
2. Employee number.
3. Manager's name. 
4. Personal contact information including email address. 
5. You will receive a confirmation email after registration is complete.


All students must have access to the current appropriate AHA course textbook for their individual use during and after the course. You may order textbooks during the registration process. If you select "Ship my book to me before class," any materials you purchase will be shipped to the address that you provide 2 business days following your registration. If you do not elect to purchase shipping, your materials will be waiting for you to pick up at class. Arrangements must be made to pick any materials up from the Training Center before your class.



Cascade Training Center - Oregon
Phone: 877-277-6778

FAX: 888-213-8024


Here are the types of courses available: